Prison Bars
Recovery Prison Ministries
Recovery Prison Ministries is dedicated to sharing the hope wefound in
Christ Jesus to the correction facilities in Missouri and Kansas

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Recovery Prison Ministries is following God's call to reach the lost and needy.  We are currently ministering in many correctional facilities in Missouri. We are sharing the Gospel using volunteers donating their time, talents, and testimony. We are taking the Celebrate Recovery Program and curriculum into jails and prisons.  Restoration Project Mission endevors to manage church adoptions of the homeless and released individuals from prisons and jails. 
Testimony Recovery Prison Ministries Johnny Allen
“We all get stagnate. We lose thewill to care about others and weneed to fight against this.”
- Johnny Allen
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RPM Restoration Mission

MISSION:  We will empower local churches everywhere with a vision, tools, methodology, training, programming and support to fulfill scripture in Matthew 25:35 to help individuals restart and reestablish their lives in Christ and community.

Objectives: To recruit and solicit collaboration with community Christian churches who are compassionate minded and Bible believing so that they may “adopt” individuals and provide opportunities and resources for their success. To provide a safe and effective reentry opportunity for individuals leaving incarceration who meet a rigorous criteria back into thier communities.


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