Prison Bars
Recovery Prison Ministries
Recovery Prison Ministries is dedicated to sharing the hope wefound in
Christ Jesus to the correction facilities in Missouri and Kansas

Rick's Vision

God has given me, supernaturally, an over-powering calling to go where He is working - and that is to the jails and prisons, for HIS glory and HIS honor, to share in the immense love of His heart for the hurting, the down-trodden, and the unloved. These are the people Christ came for, the people he died for. The people he desperately seeks and calls. People like me. God has appointed me to introduce, develop and lead an anointed 12 step recovery program with Christ being the foundation and power, "Celebrate Recovery".

He has provided absolute direction, anointing, access and provision to make this a reality. He has sent and continues to send anointed volunteers to carry the message, and to share the power of God in their lives with those who desperately need the keys to unlock the chains of bondage. What an amazing thing to watch as the fire of God pour forth through these willing vessels.

Through this ministry we have seen thousands repent and give their heart to Christ. We provide anointed materials for recovery and victory, as well as Recovery Bibles. We advise inmates of Celebrate Recovery groups across the country and encourage them to get involved. I know that these precious souls have the potential to become powerful warriors for the kingdom, taking "what Satan has taught them and using it against him." One truly must give it away to keep it. This is an absolute truth set in our hearts by the Holy Spirit himself.

God's plan for this ministry

  1. To take the "Celebrate Recovery" program to every jail and prison in the state, ultimately the entire region, country, world, as He leads.
  2. To establish recovery houses to provide after care for men and women needing a place to live upon release, to provide physical and spiritual support for those thousands desperately needing this provision.
  3. To actively support the Celebrate Recovery program in communities locally and nationally. I know in my heart thousands can avoid the pain and anguish of prison, if ministered to by local Celebrate Recovery® programs,HONESTY addressing thier hurts, habits, and hang-ups. God is so strong through the simplistic truths of this program that we allow ourselves to be used by Him to reach the hurting - there is HOPE ,FREEDOM, and VICTORY never contemplated by millions. God help us. I praise Him with all that I am. I surrender every drop of blood, every ounce of strength for His glory,and I give Him all my devotion through the power of His ministry.
Rick Tolliver