Prison Bars
Recovery Prison Ministries
Recovery Prison Ministries is dedicated to sharing the hope wefound in
Christ Jesus to the correction facilities in Missouri and Kansas


Johnny Allen

Being one of those revolving door inmates, always leaving prison with really no hope and absolutely no knowledge of how to stop the chaos, confusion, and destruction of a life centered around addictions, I was afforded the opportunity to experience a meaningful relationship with my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ in prison. Upon my last release I was met at the door by the real church; people who loved me the way Jesus says to, and I was taught by these precious people how to live and serve for Jesus. I now have a life worth living; productive and centered in Christ. Thank you RPM for what you have done for me and what you are doing for others like me. God Bless the Restoration Project Mission! Please partner with us and watch lives be forever changed by the power of Jesus!

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