Prison Bars
Recovery Prison Ministries
Recovery Prison Ministries is dedicated to sharing the hope wefound in
Christ Jesus to the correction facilities in Missouri and Kansas


George T.

Hello my name is George T. In 2009 - 2012 I was incarcerated , during which time I wanted to make sure I would never return. I knew the only way was giving myself over to the care of my Lord and Savior Jesus and and the fellowship of volunteers and brothers inside. Today even I can say. I am redeemable and the restoration project found in Christ Jesus. I am reconconciled with God, family, church and friends. 2nd Cor. 5:17, Gal. 2:20. PS. Thanks for you all at RPM for being chosen and servants of our God. I will also be submitting a application for VIC. Keep me in your prayers. I'm coming back to serve beside you all for the call 1 Tim 6:12. George T. Lees Summit Mo.

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