Prison Bars
Recovery Prison Ministries
Recovery Prison Ministries is dedicated to sharing the hope wefound in
Christ Jesus to the correction facilities in Missouri and Kansas


We would like to thank everyone who has supported and who is still supporting this ministry.

Thank you to all our anonymous donators as well, you know who you are! God Bless each and every one of you!

All supporters will be listed below as soon as possible!

Name Location Info
4K-Cheese Sedalia, MO
Bings Grocery Store Sedalia, MO
Family Pawn Sedalia, MO
Floyds Self Sedalia, MO
Game Exchange Sedalia, MO
Golden Corral Sedalia, MO
Goody's Restaurant Sedalia, MO
Hardee's Sedalia, MO
Kings Kids Sedalia, MO
Lindseys Landing Sedalia, MO
May Family Motors Sedalia, MO
Open Door Sedalia, MO
Russell Stovers Candy Sedalia, MO
Scottons Video Sedalia, MO
Sherwin Williams Sedalia, MO
The Cake Lady Sedalia, MO
Wendy's Family Restaurant Sedalia, MO
Churches and Ministries
Abundant Life Lincoln, MO Lincoln, MO.Abundant Life has been a great supporter of our ministry. They have provided many volunteers and also financial support, especially from the church's men's ministry.
Antioch Fellowship Sedalia, MO Sedalia, MO. Antioch has been a long time supporter of our ministry and held our Celebrate Recovery® community meetings on Monday evenings for several years.
Celebrate Recovery Prison Ministry Saddleback Church, Orange County, CA Saddleback Church, Orange County, CA We owe a lot to the national Celebrate Recovery Prison Ministry as they have provided hundreds of step study books to us, including the latest all in one book. We pass these out to inmates for their own step study program.
Cornerstone Baptist Church Sedalia, MO Cornerstone Baptist Church is currently home to our Celebrate Recovery program and is a long time supporter.
Harvest Time Fellowship Sedalia, MO Harvest Fellowship has provided support to our ministry.
Amanda Fritz Sedalia, MO
Bill & Kim Geary Edwards, MO
Chad & Casey Baker Sedalia, MO
Charlotte Crawford Sedalia, MO
Chastity Zumwalt Sedalia, MO
Claudia Riley Windsor, MO
D.A. Morris Sedalia, MO
David & Carol McCandless Sedalia, MO
Dorthy Gerber Sedalia, MO
Dyas & Cynthia Beier Sedalia, MO
Gene & Donna North Sedalia, MO
Jack Diekman Cole Camp, MO
James & Betty Hall Hughsville, MO
James & Debra Griffin Sedalia, MO
James & Debra Roach Sedalia, MO
James & Kathy Brown Versailles, MO
Jeannie Eckhardt Sedalia, MO
Jerry Jones Sedalia, MO
John & Marie Wy Sedalia, MO
Karla Kast Sedalia, MO
Linda Saunders Cole Camp, MO
Marie Ailynecwy Sedalia, MO
Mary McLaughlin Sedalia, MO
Patti Jackson Sedalia, MO
Phil Fisher Lincoln, MO
Prophet & Jean Patterson Kansas City, MO
Randy & Debbie May Sedalia, MO
Ruth Baldwin Cole Camp, MO
Scott & Penny Marchbanks Windsor, MO
Sharon Mercer Sedalia, MO